Aquarius Personality Traits

Aquarius Personality Traits Its Characteristics and Qualities People born during the period of January 21 to February 19 are the ones born under the zodiac Aquarius. These people are strong, attractive and have a certain charm about them. These are good at thinking both philosophically and practically. It is hard for people to ignore an Aquarius. They know how to keep a conversation going. To understand an Aquarius a little better, it is important to analyze their positive and negative traits.

What are their positive traits?

An Aquarius has a smile that could light up an entire town. Some of the positive traits of the Aquarius are given below:

Friendly: An Aquarius knows how to make friends easily. They are very social creatures. These people have a great sense of humour and know how to charm others. They know what to say at what time. These people loves cracking jokes to lighten up the atmosphere.

Humanitarian: An Aquarius is always out there to make this world a better and a happier p…

Bloodstone – Benefits, Price, How to Wear

Blood stone is a very effective gemstone. It is also known as heliotrope. It is primarily green in colour. The curious name that it has comes from the fact that it has red spots that resemble blood. There goes a legend that says that stone found its origin initially when the blood of our Lord, Jesus Christ, dripping on green Earth. The Greeks were the ones to give it the name, heliotrope. It is believed to be the symbol of justice and our sold for various purposes.

Benefits and Uses

The stone is believed to be the birthstone of people who are born in March. Thus, the powers of the stone are unquestionable. By zodiac signs, the stone is found to help Aries, Libra and Pisces. Thus, it will not be difficult finding this stone. The stone should be kept close to the body and hence it should we worn as a part of your jewellery, giving a very royal feel. Some households also keep it as a show piece on account of its unique look.

The stone helps you to purify your body by getting rid of sever…

Citrine (Sunela) Stone – Benefits, Price, How to Wear

The gemstone citrine, also known as sunela, is one of the most commonly worn gemstones in the world. It is often worn as a part of a number of jewellery status of both, men and women. It is a golden yellow belonging to the quartz group. Citrine honors the Greek Goddess, Demeter, and the Egyptian Goddess, Sekhmet. It is believed that it is best for those, whose zodiac sign is Cancer.

Benefits and Uses

Citrine, or Sunela, is the birth stone of two months, namely Novermber and June. It can be worn in the form of any jewellery or accessory, including necklace and earrings.

The stone is often said to be the “Merchant’s Stone”. It is believed to power your professional life by providing financial benefits. It is believed that is useful for even those who have not purchased the stone, and if you can keep the stone near yourself, the effect is no less.

The stone imparts an atmosphere of positive energy and has absorbed the negativity inside you. It seeks to fill you with happiness and goodnes…

Cat's Eye (Lehsunia) Stone – Benefits, Price, How to Wear

Cat’s Eye has its name suggesting the obvious : It looks like the eye of a cat. The stone represents the planet ‘Ketu’, according to Hindu mythology. Its Indian name is Sutra-mani. It has a very close connection to India. Its inner body gives the impression of the strokes of light. This greatly resembles the stone worn by Indian priests and Brahmins. This further adds to the spiritual significance of this stone. Besides, the stone is very smooth and good to touch. The stone is found in various colours and shades including gray, black, honey and yellowish green. The gemstone is advised by astrologers, to nullify the negative impacts of the Ketu planet.

Benefits and Uses

The stone has its major use of protecting the bearer from the harmful effects attributed to the demon belonging to Ketu, by the demon known as Rahu. It is also a powerful stone if one wishes to keep himself healthy and active. This can vary from intra-body and inter-body health factors.

Hence, this way, the gem stone ai…

Blue Topaz Stone – Benefits, Price, How to Wear

The Blue Topaz is the state gemstone of Texas, USA. After sapphire, the blue stone is proudly the second most popular gemstone ever, on account of his desire and popularity. It is one of the most beautifully crafted stones that you could possibly set your eyes on. The stone is high on lustre and is semi-transparent. It is quite similar to aquamarine in terms of its looks. It has a more or less perfect cleavage, along with the likes of diamond. The vivid blues are clearly available in the market, thanks to the radiation and the heat that the whites are exposed to.

Benefits and Uses

Topaz is the birthstone for those born in the month of November. Apart from Imperial Topaz, all other forms of Topaz are coined by the craftsmen themselves. The stone is best worn with the metal, gold. It can easily go on well with jewellery or other ornaments. Some also believe that it carries luck for those born in the month of December.

The stone also helps with people who are seeking on building their co…

Pink Sapphire Stone – Benefits, Price, How to Wear

The pink sapphire belongs to the family of sapphires. A variety of Corundum is known as sapphire. The word corundum has been derived from a Sanskrit word ‘korund’. Pink sapphire is the best known stone for the emotional and psychic protection. It helps in bringing the wisdom of resilience to a person’s life. This beautiful stone soothes a person’s heart and aligns it with his mind. With the help of its pink rays, it lightens the emotional burdens and pains. Pink sapphire builds a connection with the heart chakra which in turn helps in formulating the feelings of love and compassion within the wearer. Pink sapphire is dedicated to the goddess of childbirth, Ixchel.

Benefits and Uses

Pink sapphire is the birthstone for people born in mid-autumn and it the zodiac stone of Taurus as well. It is not only the symbol of strength and power but also of wise and kindness. Pink sapphire helps in stabilizing the emotions acceptance, love, forgiveness and letting go. The wearer can easily contact …

Green Sapphire Stone – Benefits, Price, How to Wear

Sapphire, contradictory to initial beliefs, is not just available in its blue form. The green sapphire, for instance, is immensely popular and beneficial for any person who wishes to possess it. It is believed that every type of sapphire has its own unique benefits and uses, be it anything related to one’s health, or one’s wealth, or one’s life in general. Sapphires have been worn for several centuries now, and it would be safe to tell that they facilitate improvement and enhancement of not just your health, but also your character, moral principles and virtues. The Green Sapphire hails the Persephone, the Goddess of Spring.

Benefits and Uses

The stone finds its invariable usage for people who are born between April 20th to May 20th. Hence, Tauruses can cherish this stone to the fullest.

Wisdom and knowledge is held to be of paramount importance. The stone allows us to collect knowledge on the basis of memory, observation and understanding. The green sapphire helps upgrade your moral …