Agate Stone – Benefits, Price, How to Wear

Agate gemstone is associated with volcanic rocks and is made up of very less impurities and complexities. The word Agate is derived from the Greek word Achates which is the name of the river where the mineral of this gemstone was found. This gemstone comes in variety of translucent and beautiful colours like white, blue, red, green, yellow, orange, purple etc. and each gemstone having their own significance and habits, making this gemstone unique. The class of gemstone of what it is made up of is Quartz. The desirable part about this gemstone is that it comes at affordable prices i.e. it is inexpensive.

The birthstone of Gemini i.e. for the people who are born between May 21 and June 20 is agate. This stone provides different types of healing therapies to the person such as physical healing energies which helps to improve the concentration power of a person, emotional healing energy which helps in encouraging reality in the person which makes him or her very peaceful and confident, chakrahealingenergy transforms the negative vibes of a person into positivity by cleansing the negativities. The gemstone is known for removing curses and creating positive energies in the life of people. In ancient times it was said to protect against fever and quench thirst. It was used to divert storms by the Persian magicians.

It is a semi-precious gemstone which is known as the oldest gemstone used in making jewellery. Agate is a gemstone that is beautifully striped by the nature. Concentric bands like the rings are found on agate.the rings sometimes look like fanciful scallops, eyes, or a landscape with trees. The natural stripes on this stone make it amazing, beautiful and different from other stones . Agate should be kept protected from scratches as it tends to break very easily. The physical properties of the stone are similar to that of quartz and chemical composition is similar to that of opals. The quality of agate depends on the colour, shape and clarity also the stone should not have any blemishes if used astrological purposes. The beautiful stone, agatecan be carved into beautiful shapes for jewellery purposes.

The price agate in India depends upon its weight and quality i.e. the shape, size and appearance of the stone. The estimated price of agate gemstone is Rs 150 per carat. A person if desires then can substitute agate with Manik stone i.e. ruby as both of these stones are used as the gemstonesfor the planet sun.Agate stone is widely used for making ornaments, inexpensive jewellery, making ash trays and a few other instruments. It is available mainly in India, Brazil, Madagascar, Russia and Australia.

A person should remember while buying agate to ensure that he or she will be provided with a lab certificate of its originality along with the stone as many dealers tend to sell synthetic gemstones. Also there are many labs which provide fake certificate or originality of the gem. A person can also buy an agate which is 1/10th of that person’s body weight.


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