Blue Sapphire (Neelam) Stone – Benefits, Price, How to Wear

Blue colored precious gemstone which is considered to be the most powerful gemstone of all. Considered as the birthstone of Virgo sun sign (23 August-23 September). Blue sapphire often termed as neelam, is called the rashi ratna for Aquarius and Capricorn by the Vedic Astrologers. It has the power to strengthen Saturn to gain wealth, prosperity in business and increases self confidence and sharpness the mind.  Blue sapphire or neelam gemstone can also be worn by people belonging to Libra, Taurus, Gemini, and Virgo gemstone. It is recognized as the fastest and the strongest portraying gemstone, amongst nine planetary Saturn’s stone. It can also be called as Yakut. It is said that the best sapphires are minned through srilanka, and from soomjam in Kashmir. It can also be found in Kashmir, lanka, Russia, America and many other countries. If anyone has closely senn neelam, it resembles the neck color of a male peacock and hence it is referred as mayur neelam. Tanzania and Madagascar sapphires are famous all over the world.

TYPES: it is generally of two types. 

  • Indranil: generally it looks like the color of the neck of the peacock, and is blue In color

  • Jalnil: light from the centre and dark from boundaries.

Benefits and Effects

If this sapphire suits anyone, no wonder an individual will gain from all ends. One will get disciplined and will have clarity of mind and thoughts .One can have gains in property, and might get free from depression and anxiety and can get free from ailments too. Bad effects can be removed and even if you are facing effects of seven and a half year Saturn cycle, it can be removed too. Probably the best weapon for psychosis, frustrated people and those who are alcohol addict.

Recognized throughout the world, the fastest acting gemstone as it starts showing his effect within in 3 seconds, 3 minutes, 3 hours or 3 days. Either one can be financially sound or major health issues can be solved if it turns beneficial for you or if it affect you adversely, quarrels, losses can come your way. But during this testing period one can be sure to pursue his dreams. Only if you are able to see positive dreams, this means that you can use this sapphire as it turned out lucky for you.

Availability and Price

Well, it is said that one cannot easily scratch the real sapphire, because it is termed as the hardest of all gems. It will not show any change in color if you place neelam in milk for a whole day. Untreated and natural Blue Sapphire’s price ranges from Rupees 2000 to Rupees 2, 00,000 per carat. Astrologers recommend not purchasing of Blue Sapphires which costs more than Rupees 40,000 per carat as there is no sense purchasing rare pieces. One should not wear coral with sapphire as it gives ill health. To clean Blue Sapphire, all you need is some milk, soft bristles brush and it can be cleared with the help of milk.


The best substitutes that are recommended by the astrologers for Blue Sapphire are Iolite and Blue Toapz. Also, Amethyst is considered as a good substitute for Blue Sapphire. But as they are the substitutes they don’t benefit as the primary gemstone.

Wearing Procedure

Astrologers recommend that Blue Sapphire must be worn in the Middle finger. The right handed people must wear it in the middle finger of right hand whereas the left handed people must wear it in the middle finger of the left hand, on a Saturday evening.


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