Emerald (Panna) Stone – Benefits, Price, How to Wear

A green-colored extremely precious gemstone with several astrological benefits is called Emerald or Panna. Astologists consider it very auspicious. It is considered as the birthstone of Virgo sunsign (23 August – 23 September). It is considered as the rashi ratna for Gemini. It is said that the weight of your Emerald should weigh minimum to minimum 1/12th carats of your body weight in kgs. Those who belong to Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Taurus are also recommended to wear Emerald to seek benefits.

Benefits and Effects

Emerald or Panna has many positive effects on the wearer. Wearing an Emerald helps in strengthening Mercury and the person who wears it also feels an increment in his intelligence. The learning ability and the grasping power of the wearer increases also, the wearer becomes much wittier. Those who have jobs related to communication and connection, networks and also conveyance earn benefits as a faster rate after wearing Emerald. It helps its wearer in various ways, increases the creative ability of a person, helps artistic and talented people in achieving success and helps them grow. Mercury being considered as the ‘Agent of speech’ wearing an emerald helps increasing fluency, confidence in public speaking, oratory and command over language. Ensuring the overall health of the wearer it also ensures the proper and healthy working of all the green organs in the body of the wearer. The most favorable gemstone in the matters of education and granting mental ability is Emerald.

Price and Quality

Depending upon the weight and quality, the price of the emerald is decided. The price of untreated and natural Emerald or Panna stone in India ranges from Rupees 500 per carat to Rupees 3,000 per carat plus. The Colombian and the Zambian Emeralds are the other two types of Emerald stones whose prices range from Rupees 4,600 to Rupees 3, 00,000 and from Rupees 2,700 to Rupees 3,00,000 per carat respectively.

The clarity of the stone should be high and the color should be in a darker shade of green to lighter shade of green. Most importantly, it should not be treated chemically to satisfy on its looks.

Usually, Astrologists recommend on wearing untreated Zambian Emerald Gemstone to be able to gain the best results possible.

Availability and Substitute

One must always be very careful while purchasing Emerald gemstone as the dealers are so clever that the sell synthetic and treated Emerald. If purchasing Emerald online, be sure that you are sent a genuine Lab certificate proving the authenticity of the Emerald. The seller must not object if you ask him to get the stone certified from the lab of your choice. He must also have a refund policy. Purchasing Emerald from dealers and jewelers always has a risk that the gemstone might be a copy of Emerald or maybe a synthetically treated stone which would not have any astrological benefits.

The best suitable substitute for Emerald Gemstone could be Green Tourmaline and Peridot. But the substitutes have very less effects than that of the original stone.

Procedure to Wear

Emerald must be worn on Wednesday morning, in the little finger of the right hand for the right handed people and in the little finger of the left hand for the left handed people.


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