Garnet Stone – Benefits, Price, How to Wear

Garnet does not refer to a single mineral. Instead, it comprises of a number of minerals that are related. They are found in multiple colours. However, despite that, the red coloured garnet holds the maximum popularity. It varies from transparent to translucent. The gemstone is available in varied colours such as orange, pink, blue, yellow, black, grey, green and brown. The stone is for those who had their birth in January and who are born under the sign Aquarius. The garnet pays respect to the Egyptian war goddess, Sekhmet. In fact, for those who have a deep interest in the powers of the stone, one can look up the vast number of tales of the stone and its might.

Benefits and Uses

There are different types of garnets on the basis of their colour. In this way, we have Almandine, Pyrope, Grossular, Uvarovite, Spessartine and Andradite garnets in the market. Each garnet has its own speciality, but overall, the garnets aid in physical and emotional healing of person.

The garnet provides extreme energy in a person along with an adequate amount of serenity and relaxation. This perfect balance between two opposites allows the bearer to live a balanced life. The stone, additionally helps to keep our mind calm, and at the same time, prevent our mind’s stagnation.

It controls our lustful desires and, in some cases, also keeps our sexual drives at bay. It brings in the effect of yoga in this way and hence prove how unique it is.

The stone is also believed to be a lucky stone. It helps the bearer in improving his or her relations, especially in his love life. The stone also allows the user to improve their monetary status. It changes the life of the individual in these two simple yet quintessential ways and brings about luck in your life.

The stone also helps to change your mood and your behavioural ways and patterns. It modifies one’s way of thinking and thus their self-confidence. It thus helps to change the way you face others and additionally, change your face in front of others.

Additionally, the stone also gives some health benefits. It eliminates toxins from the body and is also believed to cure wounds. The gemstone also helps in curing several organs such as lungs, kidneys and some minor heart problems.

Price and Quality

Varying by its colour and hence its benefits, the stone also has its price varying. The qualities of the stone have their main differentiation, automatically known through the different colours.

The price of the garnet gemstone hence varies as per the product we are dealing it. This may vary from 40$ to 250$.

Substitutes and Availability

These stones were primarily believed to be in Anglo-Saxon and Celtic jewellery. The only alternate stone possible is the Emerald. However, it is suggested to keep the first option as Garnet, since it has a unique combination.

The garnet is vastly available in many countries like Turkey, Kenya, USA and Madagascar.


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