Jade Stone – Benefits, Price, How to Wear

Jade has been known to be one of the most powerful stones. It is used to patronize various Goddesses including Roman-Greek Bona Dea, Aztec Chalchiuhtlicue, Kuan-Yin and Maat. The gemstone has its unique ability to attract love. It finds its origin in China and is carved into the shape of a butterfly, which is believed to be a symbol of love in the country. It is found in various varieties ranging from green, white, black, yellow and orange. It was one of the most ancient stones, known to man for the past 7000 years. It, contrary to the present times, was used as a weapon on account of its hardness. Now, apart from its values, it also complements Confucius virtues of wisdom, modesty and courage. Each jade, depending on the colour, has its own speciality and needs to be carefully assessed.

Benefits and Uses

The primary colour of Jade, bearing the maximum use and popularity is the green jade. It is popularly held to a by a symbol of love. It bears the beacon of trustworthiness and fidelity. Nowadays, the jade also implies successful love relations.

The healing abilities of the gemstone goes on to curing joints and hips. It is also often believed to avoid all microbial diseases, preventing and treating viral and bacterial infections. On a more specific basis, the stone is often advised to be worn to heal after major surgeries and operations including plastic surgeries. It is also thought to treat reproductive disorders and help during child birth.

However, it is also believed to be a way to bring money into your lives and to keep good health, avoiding accidents. The soothing green colour aids self-healing of the body, like that of kidney, stomach and heart. Additionally, it is helpful to avoid non-physical reasons that may cause any harm.

These particular qualities of the Jade gemstone is not only restricted to one’s personal life but is also a part of many people’s professional life. In the medical sphere, the jade is worn by doctors, nurses, physicians and veterinarians to help them make precise and successful diagnosis of diseases. It also worn in several financial firms and banks to endear those who believe in the stones power to be a magnet for monetary gains. Apart from this, in several countries, it is worn by young children, whose parents believe it bears peace, nobility and spirituality.

Price and Quality

The price of a Jade varies widely. The most popular are green followed by the lavender colour. Even in the colours, the most popular is the Imperial Jade. Another popular one is the Kingfisher Jade. The transparency also varies and the best quality is believed to be those that are perfectly semi-transparent. Along with this, the other qualities that matter are its texture and cut. Jade stones are worn in rings, necklaces and various other forms. Size expressed in millimetres. The stone is sold individually as well as in wholesale. Prices range from as low as 25 rupees to 1.5 lakh rupees per carat. Astrologers advise that it should be worn along with gold, silver or platinum. It is also suggested that it should be worn in the little finger. Being one of the most powerful stones, it is believed that there is no substitute to this gemstone.


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