Onyx (Chalcedony) Stone – Benefits, Price, How to Wear

The word Onyx has been derived from a Greek word ‘onux’ which means fingernail. It has black base and white upper layer. In gemstone, onyx is also found in one colour. The Romans in cameos and the ancient Greeks had cut and carved onyx as a gemstone. The stone onyx is very versatile in nature as it can be fashioned into a variety of ornaments. It is best worn with diamonds. Although it is a very hard stone it requires ample care to keep it in a proper condition. It is dyed to augment its colour and give it a uniform hue. Onyx can appear similar to tourmaline, black jade, black diamond and jet.

Benefits and Uses

Onyx is a unique stone with highly variable uses.

Onyx worn as a jewelry helps in defending the negative energies that is directed towards a person. It also helps in sharpening senses. It builds self-confidence and sense of responsibility in the minds of the people wearing it. Onyx encourages healthy vanity. It builds a sound moral backing of the person and intends to help build his self-esteem and self-confidence.

Onyx is majorly known to separate. It keeps negative emotions such as sorrow and grief at bay. Unhappy and bothersome relationships can easily put to an end with the help of onyx.

It is believed that onyx has protective properties. Additionally, it is said to alleviate anxiety and fear. When it comes in physical contact with a person it helps in healing, childbirth, ear and eye problems. Albeit many cultures consider it ‘unlucky’, it is still regarded as a virtuous stone by many as it protects against black magic. Onyx increases a man’s resistance power and makes him more patient.

Onyx is often recommended to athletes as it boosts up one’s endurance, strength, and adds to a person’s will power and confidence. It is one of the main reasons why people prefer to choose this gemstone.

Onyx is cut into cabochons and beads, further it is used it making ornaments like rings, necklaces, bracelets. However, it is not a bad idea to simply carry this stone in its raw form.

It is the birthstone for people born in the month of July. It suits people whose zodiac sign in Capricorn.

Price and Quality

Like most of the gemstones, its price and quality varies with its size, carat and cut. Onyx is weirdly opaque and it has a very dull luster. The bigger the size of the stone the greater will be its benefits. Its price range is pretty high as it is exported. It can easily fetch around a $1000.

Availability and Substitute

Onyx deposits are mostly found in countries all over the world, including Mexico, Sri Lanka, Uruguay, Botswana, USA, Brazil, Australia, Madagascar, Pakistan etc. It is formed in the vesicles of lava.

Since onyx is silicon dioxide, it is related to all of the other types of quartz, especially cryptocrystalline quartz types such as agate, jasper, carnelian and bloodstone.


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