Pearl (Moti) Stone – Benefits, Price, How to Wear

An organic gemstone which is known for its lustrous appearance and astrological benefits is pearl. This gemstone is the birthstone for those having Cancer as their zodiac sign. The stone brings peace, confidence, courage and calmness to the wearer, the characteristics of moon. Ascendants of leo, pisces and Sagittarius can wear this stone as it does not have any negative effect on them. 1/10th the carat of your body weight is the weight of a cultured pearl. 1/60th carat of the body weight should be the wild natural pearls which are also very rare. The gemstone should be smooth, round with no chemical or heat treatment. Rare natural pearl are best for astrological purposes while the second best are the cultured south sea pearls.

Benefits and Effects

The gemstone, pearl does not have any bad effect on the bearer which makes it so much desirable. Moon is symbolic for mother in astrology hence this stone leads to more affection and nurturing. Anybody in this world can wear this stone and feel or experience its positive effects. The position of the moon is strengthened in the horoscope of the wearer by pearl making him calm and bringing tranquility. The stone make the wearer emotionally available, kind and psychologically very healthy. The wearer has desires to travel and explore a lot. The pearl benefits those who are mentally challenged, depressed or emotionally unavailable. Apart from this it is advisable for people having negative thought and who have lost all hope in life should wear this gemstone. Children who fall sick frequently or have health issues especially under the age of 12 should wear this stone. This gemstone can prove to be beneficial for people working as counselors, public speakers, therapists, psychologists etc as it helpd them express more freely with confidence. People dealing in dairy products, travel and tourism industries should also consider wearing this stone as it would bring them prosperity. The gemstone pearl is believed to help keep the heart strong and healthy along with maintaining the water balance in our body.

Price and Quality

Weight and quality which include shape, spot and color determine the price of the stone, pearl. Natural wild pearls are beneficial in terms of astrology but they are very expensive as they are extremely rare stones. The price of a natural pearl is anywhere between Rs. 40,000 per carat and Rs. 53,500 per carat. Between Rs15000 per carat and Rs23000 per carat come the second best pearls. The pearl that is 100% natural cultural pearl, is considered the best after the natural wild pearls. The south sea pearl costs between Rs.2000 per carat, it is advisable to avoid buying low quality pearls. Your first choice should be the black Tahitian pearl which comes between 1100 per carat to 2700 per carat if you are interested in buying black pearls. The natural pearl which is priced more than 60000 per carat should not be bought for astrological purpose as it is rare and often bought by collectors or enthusiasts. While buying the stone there are chances that the seller might fool you by selling you low quality or synthetic pearls so make sure you are getting worth what you are paying. Test the pearl from a lab and get certificates of authenticity, origin etc.


Many sellers try to sell synthetic pearls in the name of cultured south sea pearls. In order to avoid this you can order the pearl online where you can ensure getting a lab certificate and also the dealer would be ready to get the pearl checked from a certified lab for its authenticity.

Procedure (How to wear?)

Pearl is worn in the little finger of the correct hand (Left Hand for left-handed people and the Right Hand for right-handed people). It should be worn on Monday evening during the Shukla Paksh (Waxing Moon).


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