Red Coral (Moonga) Stone – Benefits, Price, How to Wear

The other name for Red coral is Moonga, in Hindi. It is a very famous red colored gemstone which is a very precious gemstone with various astrological benefits. Red Coral or Moonga gemstone is considered as the birthstone of Aries sun sign. Red coral is called as the strengthening stone for Mars by the Indian Astrologers and is the rashi ratna for Scorpio and Aries. Moonga stone is considered to grant the powers of Mars on the one who wears it. It brings strength, confidence, health and stamina to the wearer in abundance. People belonging to Pisces, Leo, Cancer and Sagittarius sun signs are laso advised to wear Red Coral or Moonga Gemstone.

Benefits and Effects

Moonga or Red Coral is considered to help its wearer in recovery of many diseases to say few; fever, impotency, piles, indigestion, etc. It also helps in curing several problems related to menstrual cycle, hemoglobin, blood pressure etc. It is believed that Red Coral helps in keeping the Heart strong and function properly. Red Coral or Moonga is said to increase the strength and stamina of the wearer and also incorporates the ability to work hard within the wearer.

According to the astrologers, Red Coral or the Moonga gemstone strengthens the Mars and hence is very suitable and fruitful for those people who are very lazy whereas there occupation requires lot of physical activities. People who work in Real Estate sector and Land owners are said to be benefitted by wearing Moonga gemstone.

Quality and Price

The Red Coral or Moonga is preferred to be free of spots and should be of orange or in the deeper hue of red in its color. Moonga must always weigh at least 1/10th of the body weight of the wearer in carats. Also, the gemstone must be untreated and free of chemical and synthetic applications over it. Astrologers consider Indian Red Coral or Moonga as the best among all the types and varieties of Red Corals. The price of natural Red Coral or Moonga in India is around Rupees 700 per carat ranging up to Rupees 6,500. Cost of the Red Coral or Moonga also depends upon the factor; where it is bought from.

Availability and Substitutes

One must be careful while purchasing a Red Coral or Moonga, most of the gemstone dealers or sellers treats the stone by heating it or chemically changing its look and properties. Be sure before you purchase a Moonga, ask for the certification and also ask for the lab certification from the lab of your own choice and knowledge to cheek the authenticity of the Moonga and to check how loyal the dealer or the seller is. It is available online as well but certification is always a major concern.

Astrologers recommend Blood stone as the substitute for Red Coral or Moonga. But, the Substitutes are not as effective and beneficial as the primary gem stones.

Procedure (How to Wear)

The procedure to wear a Red Coral or Moonga is quite is easy and nothing special is involved. One must wear a Red Coral gem stone in the ring finger of the correct hand. The right handed people must wear it in the ring finger of their right hand and the left handed people must wear it in the ring finger of their left hand. Red Coral must be worn on a Tuesday morning and must prefer wearing it before 11 am.


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