Rose Quartz Stone – Benefits, Price, How to Wear

The rose quartz is often called as the ‘heart stone’. Its name is derived from its hue. It has little pink essence. This crystal is the symbol of undying love. Its soft feminine appearance induces the energies of compassion, tenderness, healing and peace. It makes a person value the feeling of love more than anything else. The wearer starts giving love to all. Moreover, it makes him loved by all. Pink quartz is the other name of the rose quartz. Rose quartz inspires the soft feeling of love and beauty. The color of the gemstone is strong and does of fade away easily. Rose quartz is the zodiac stone of Scorpio.

Benefits and Uses

Rose quartz nurtures the wearer exactly as that of a mother. So it is greatly recommended for people who have their mother. It induces healthy bonding between any two people. As the color suggests, it is a sign of tenderness and romance. It ensures peace and harmony in the minds of the wearer. People who are going through insomniac or any such problem should wear it as it brings sound sleep ad beautiful dreams. Rose quartz brings a person out from the fear of darkness, especially children.

Anyone who is struck by grief should immediately wear rose quartz as it calms down the hustle bustle from which the person is going through. It helps people accept the changing environment and strengthens sensitivity and empathy.

The physical healing power of the rose quartz eradicates palpitations and stress. It keeps all sorts of worries and tensions, which the wearer is going through, at bay. It helps in diminishing marks or scars. The rose quartz is regarded as the ‘stone of hearts’ and therefore, it cures all the heart related diseases and manages the circulatory system. It has also been used to treat bronchioles and vertigo.

The emotional healing energy of the rose quartz is the strongest of all as it comforts and heals all the issues regarding heart and makes the wearer a better person. It brings an end to all the grievances, worries and sorrows prevailing in the life of the wearer. For those who are missing the most vital element of life that is happiness, rose quartz is strongly recommended.

Rose quartz is the doctor to all sorts of external as well as internal heart related wounds. It brings a person out of his dark past and makes him love the present. It acts as a guard against all the negative energies surrounding the wearer.

Price and Quality

The colour of the gemstone majorly defines its quality followed by its clarity. It is believed that the finest rose quartz is the best. The cut in which the stone is embedded to also determines its quality. The rose quarts is available is all sorts of sizes and carats which differentiates is quality. The finest are the most expensive. Price range starts from thousands to five lakhs.

Availability and Substitute

The best quality of rose quartz is found in Rumford and Maine. Bohemian ruby is the best alternative for the rose quartz.


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