Ruby (Manik) Stone – Benefits, Price, How to Wear

The word ruby has been derived from a Sanskrit word, ‘ratnaraj’. Ruby is known as the ‘king of gemstones’ because of the astrological significance it has. It is the birthstone for the Capricorn sun sign according to the Indian mythology. The attractive ruby is considered to be the stone of aristocracy. It is the most elegant of all. The virtues which this magnificent gemstone carries have no end. Ruby has always been a symbol of prosperity, passion and protection. Ruby releases red rays which gives birth to strong positive energy. Rubies are considered to be perfect wedding stones. The darkest toned ruby is considered to be the best.

Benefits and Uses

It is firmly believed that ruby has always been associated with love. Ruby should be carried or worn to fight lethargy and exhaustion. It soothes hyperactive individuals. The main work of ruby is to strengthen a couple’s relationship, closeness and commitment. It serves as a shield against fire and intruders.

As the colour suggests, it helps prevent blood related diseases and maintains the blood circulation throughout the lifetime of the wearer. Heart related diseases can also be treated with the help of ruby. It helps regulate weight mostly when emotional eating is the cause.

Some also consider it as the stone of love. It gives the wearer the intuition when he has to take some serious decisions regarding life. It encourages positivity which results in healthy state of mind. This gemstone makes a person friendlier towards nature, environment and his friends. The wearer can easily keep distorted views regarding life at bay. Ruby makes a person realize his strong points and makes him love himself. Ruby makes a person capable of fulfilling his own dreams and manifesting his own desires. Ruby makes a person self-confident. It motivates and formulates energy, passion and life. The gemstone ruby radiates some kind of radiation which makes a person enthusiastic towards life.

Ruby is essentially used in all kinds of royal jewelry. Beautiful neckpieces and bangles are crafted with it as it is an extremely hard stone.

Ruby is often used in the process of meditation due to the energetic positive rays it emits.

It is believed that ruby brings the blessings of son in people’s life.

Price and Quality

The quality of ruby depends upon the shape in which it comes as well as its tone. Its transparency also defines its quality. The clearer the ruby is, the higher would be its price. I addition to this, it is believed that darker shades of rubies are more expensive. Mostly ruby comes in all price range. It generally begins from thousands and goes up to lakhs. The purpose for which one is buying is the most important factor while judging the quality of ruby.

Substitutes and Availability

The traits of ruby were first found in Thailand. Presently it is densely available throughout the world. The countries include Scotland, India, Columbia and Burma.

Red garnet is a perfect substitute for the gemstone ruby.


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