Star Ruby Stone – Benefits, Price, How to Wear

A rare ruby which exhibits asterism which is a six-rayed star shimmering over the surface of the stone when it moves is the star ruby. The effect is caused due to the aligned needle-like rutile inclusions which are also the reason behind the ruby’s silky shine. The Latin word ‘ruber’ is where the name ruby came from which means red. The ruby in fact is too dull and greasy when found in its rough form but after it is cut and polished, it is as lustrous as a diamond. The tough form of gem quality corundum is ruby, while all the other types of corundum are classified as sapphires. Second hardest mineral on the Mohs Scale is corundum. The ruby is classified among the diamond, emerald and sapphire because of its rich color and silky shine. It is one of the four precious stones in the world.

Price and Quality

Rubies can be found in varying colors like pinkish red, orange, purple and brownish-red, depending on its chromium and iron content but the most desirable of them all is the pigeon red ruby

Benefits and Effects

Since ancient times Ruby is believed to provide protection from misfortune and severe bad health. A birthstone for those born in July, it is also associated with the zodiac sign Capricorn at times. A couple celebrating their 15th or 40th wedding anniversary can use ruby. Ruby is believed to be a general health protector and, in particular, to be good for backache and toenail problems.


Most important deposits of star ruby has been in Myanmar (Burma). Out of the gem produced, it is only 1% which is of gem quality. Pigeon’s blood color ruby is the most expensive of them all. Apart from upper Myanmar ruby can be found in Thailand and the color is brown or a tint of violet, in Sri Lanka the ruby deposit is located in the Ratnapura district and the color is light red to raspberry red. Other important deposits are in Tanzania where apart from violet to red-brown ruby we can also find opaque ruby, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Kenya, India, Vietnam, United States etc.

Procedure (How to wear?)

Wear a 3 to 6 carat ruby in a gold or copper ring on any Sunday morning between 6am to 7am on your ring finger. To activate and purify the gemstone dip it in milk, honey and pure water for almost 20mins before wearing it. The gem shows its effects within 30 days and till 4 years continue to show the same.


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