Tiger Eye Stone – Benefits, Price, How to Wear

Tiger’s Eye, also known as Brown Tiger Eye or Golden Tiger Eye is a stone with a very dynamic energy. It is a very protective stone. A classic example of pseudomorphous replacement by silica, the stone is very stabilizing and grounding. It’s fierce and dynamic energy gives it the name Tiger’s Eye! This stone brings in good luck, prosperity, self-confidence and practicality. People who travel a lot can wear this stone for their protection. This stone is believed to have mystical properties. The energy and the property of the stone depends upon the degree of color- deep red and golden yellow. It also comes in blue and red- Blue Tiger Eye (Hawk’s Eye) and Red Tiger Eye (Dragon’s Eye).

Special Meaning: A person wearing a Tiger Eye stone has the will power to fight with the negative energies. The person wearing this stone has great determination and focus. This stone brings in peace and harmony. Calm inner being and total concentration is achieved by doing meditations with the Tiger Eye Stone.

Uses of Tiger's Eye Stone

Physical Healing: The gemstone is excellent in healing physical conditions like high blood pressure and asthma. It is also believed that this stone cures rheumatic disease and psoriasis.

Inner Strength: This stone is available in mainly three colors- gold, blue and red. The properties of this stone depends upon the degree of color. The aura that comes with the stone is meant to stay with the wearer and is felt by those around them. Red is for heart circulation, gold for brightness and blue for high spiritual nature.

Jewelry: This stone is so mesmerizing and beautiful that it can easily catch someone’s eye. It is commonly used as beading for necklaces and bracelets. It can also be found in the form of a pendant or as a costume jewelry. Anybody can wear this stone, so you can have this stone as your piece of jewellery whenever you want.

Feng Shui Element: Tiger’s Eye has mystic powers and can be used as a feng shui in homes. It can be used as a simple wind chime or artistic carving. It is often placed by a window or kept by the front door. It can be used in the bedroom of the kids to keep their minds at rest.

Meditation Gem: Meditation done with this stone can help in lowering your stress, and it will affect your personality in a positive way. Find a place at your home where there is full of light and allow the light to flow through the tiger eye and onto you.

How To Wear Tiger's Eye Gemstone

In order to wear this stone, you will have to ensure what is your need. Tiger’s Eye in a piece of jewelry is best who feel too much negativity around them.

Quality of Tiger's Eye

Since the stone is inexpensive you would not want one with a blemish! Choose colors and pieces which suit your needs.

Price of Tiger's Eye

Price of the tiger eye stone depends upon it’s color, quantity, shape and size.


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