Yellow Topaz Stone – Benefits, Price, How to Wear

The gemstone which is an aluminum silicate that contains fluorine and hydroxyl is topaz. Though in the pure form it is colorless, it is the impurities which bring it color. In the Egyptian history yellow topaz has a significant place. The gemstone was believed to have received its golden hue from the Sun God, Ra. Many people the term topaz comes from english which was in turn acquired from the Old French word "Topace" and Latin term "Topazus" but the root of those terms is the Greek word "Topazios" or "Topazion. Though thr old testament has reference of this beautiful gemstone but there is a chance that it might be “chrysolit” rather than topaz. It is also believed that the term topax=z comes from the Sanskrit word tapas meaning fire.

Benefits and Effects

The aligning element of the yellow topaz is supposedly the sun. the gemstone is related to the naval chakra known as Manipura Chakra which is aligned to our sense of self esteem and security. This stone can be used in jewellery items like pendant, ring or a neckpiece. Blocking this chakra leads to lack of self respect, indigestion and at times to take wrong decisions in our daily life which can be disastrous. The stone also helps the bearer with issues related to weight loss, problems of liver and short term memory loss. People with diabetes can also be benefitted by this stone.

Prices and Quality

Yellow topaz comes in varying prices and there is a probability that your seller might try to fool you with a synthetic gemstone. So my friends do remember to get it checked in a trusted lab before deciding to buy it.


Yellow topaz is sold in the market as gem quality comes from Russia and Brazil but there are other mines as well which are supplying this gemstone in Mexico, Utah, Colorado and Texas USA. It is also known as Golden Topaz and Imperial Topaz. The quality stone for use in jewelry is called Imperial Topaz, and much of this stone is a clear Golden Yellow color, with a touch of pink in them.

How to Wear

Yellow topaz is very beneficial as it allows you to work better in your field of work as it acts as a battery which charges you up. The wearer would be calm and composed along with not being irritable or any other kind of negative mood. The longer this gemstone is with you they more it will help in relieving your stress making you filled with more energy to do work. This is the birthstone for people having leo and scorpio as their zodiac sign. Necklaces made from genuine stone would be beneficial as it would be near to your chakra. As birthsootne by month it is the birthstone for the month of November. You can also keep the stone in your pocket or wear it as a ring but I would advise you to keep it under your pillow to release stress along with negativity.


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