Amethyst (Jamunia) Stone – Benefits, Price, How to Wear

Amethyst is the rarest form of quartz. It has for long believed to be one the most phenomenal gemstones on its looks, along with its powers. It is commonly believed to be originating from the Greek mythology and soon got spread and accepted throughout the world. The primary colour of the stone ranges from light pink and slowly moves on to dark purple. It is also often accepted in its red and blue forms. Synthetic amethyst can also be produced artificially with the help of gammy rays, x rays or electronic beam irradiation.

Benefits and Effects

Amethyst is the birthstone for those who are born between 18th February and 20th March, since 1912. The rare quartz stone has a myriad of benefits, originating mostly due to its magnetic field producing capabilities which successfully interacts with your body magnetic field do help solve issues.

It helps in your cell growth abilities that help you fight cuts and wounds to an appreciable extent. This extends into helping the power of your white blood cells. The stone radiation allows yourThe stone helps in your body fluids flow. This includes helping the flow of those fluids that help your body metabolism and also helping in your blood flow. The increased blood flow helps relieve stress and regulates your breathing pattern. The improved blood circulation helps in several other things including a good night sleep. The blood flow relaxes your brain, relaxes your muscles, helping you get a good sleep.

It also has some anti-oxidant properties that help you be and feel younger. This in turn also makes you feel happier. Because of mental blood flow, this stress is further released. Thus the radiation helps people fight emotional barriers that develop with age.

Additionally, through its negative ion effect, it helps to cleanse the body by removing toxic materials from our system. This also helps in better, cleaner and thus healthier respiration, stimulating better blood flow. It also helps to remove various aerosols and also to get rid of aerosol from our body just like removal from air.

Availability and Substitutes

The best varieties of amethyst can be found in Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Brazil. It has been used for several years by Egyptians in their antiquity products. Before its discovery in Brazil, the gemstone was considered to be of an equivalent value to diamond, sapphire and ruby, around the 18th Century.

Amethyst is itself is a substitute for blue sapphire as they both represent Saturn. Hence it can be substituted by Blue Topaz and Lolite.

Price and Quality

The stone represents Saturn. It is highly suitable for those who are involved in anything black, or those who use tools for their work: coal merchants, oil merchants, lawyers or surgeons, mechanics and engineers. The quality of an amethyst upon its cut, colour and clarity. The better the clarity and the more purplish its hue, the better is the Amethyst stone.

It goes best with silver metal and is preferably to be worn in your middle finger. The price varies from Rs. 100 to Rs. 500 per carat.

Yellow Topaz Stone – Benefits, Price, How to Wear

The gemstone which is an aluminum silicate that contains fluorine and hydroxyl is topaz. Though in the pure form it is colorless, it is the impurities which bring it color. In the Egyptian history yellow topaz has a significant place. The gemstone was believed to have received its golden hue from the Sun God, Ra. Many people the term topaz comes from english which was in turn acquired from the Old French word “Topace” and Latin term “Topazus” but the root of those terms is the Greek word “Topazios” or “Topazion. Though thr old testament has reference of this beautiful gemstone but there is a chance that it might be “chrysolit” rather than topaz. It is also believed that the term topax=z comes from the Sanskrit word tapas meaning fire.

Benefits and Effects

The aligning element of the yellow topaz is supposedly the sun. the gemstone is related to the naval chakra known as Manipura Chakra which is aligned to our sense of self esteem and security. This stone can be used in jewellery items like pendant, ring or a neckpiece. Blocking this chakra leads to lack of self respect, indigestion and at times to take wrong decisions in our daily life which can be disastrous. The stone also helps the bearer with issues related to weight loss, problems of liver and short term memory loss. People with diabetes can also be benefitted by this stone.

Prices and Quality

Yellow topaz comes in varying prices and there is a probability that your seller might try to fool you with a synthetic gemstone. So my friends do remember to get it checked in a trusted lab before deciding to buy it.


Yellow topaz is sold in the market as gem quality comes from Russia and Brazil but there are other mines as well which are supplying this gemstone in Mexico, Utah, Colorado and Texas USA. It is also known as Golden Topaz and Imperial Topaz. The quality stone for use in jewelry is called Imperial Topaz, and much of this stone is a clear Golden Yellow color, with a touch of pink in them.

How to Wear

Yellow topaz is very beneficial as it allows you to work better in your field of work as it acts as a battery which charges you up. The wearer would be calm and composed along with not being irritable or any other kind of negative mood. The longer this gemstone is with you they more it will help in relieving your stress making you filled with more energy to do work. This is the birthstone for people having leo and scorpio as their zodiac sign. Necklaces made from genuine stone would be beneficial as it would be near to your chakra. As birthsootne by month it is the birthstone for the month of November. You can also keep the stone in your pocket or wear it as a ring but I would advise you to keep it under your pillow to release stress along with negativity.

White Sapphire Stone – Benefits, Price, How to Wear

The birthstone for those who have the zodiac sign of Gemini is white sapphire. Safed Pukhraj or white sapphire helps in strengthening Venusand hence in the rashi ratna for Taurus as well as libra. This gemstone has the power to bestow the bearer with art, love, marital bliss and prosperity. People having zodiac signs as virgo, Capricorn and aquarius can also wear white sapphire. 1/10th of your body weight is the ideal weight of the white sapphire you should wear. The gemstone needs to be colorless with high clarity and no chemicals.

Benefits and Effects

The planet Venus is symbolic for luxury, art and love which is what white sapphire represents. Safed pukhraj is most beneficial for people who are working in the field of fashion, art, culture, music or other creative activities. Along with satisfaction this gemstone brings adeptness to the bearer. For people who have a strong positioning of Venus according to astrology can reap the maximum benefits. Such people would have luxurious lives along with grand vehicles etc. this gemstone is beneficial for those who are married as it helps making the relationship more cordial, more understanding, more romance in their life. The spouses ultimately come more closer to each other which leads to a happy, calm and lovable future. Apart from this the stone helps in curing problems related to the urinary system along with increasing virility in men.

Prices and Quality

Treatments, clarity which includes cut and color along with weight decides the price of the sapphire. Unheated natural safed pukhraj would be anywhere between sixteen hundred rupees per carat to twenty thousand rupees per carat. White sapphires in the price range of six thousand rupees to ten thousand rupees are best astrologically. Something to remember is that white sapphire which cost fifteen thousand per carat or more should not be worn as per astrology because they are more of collector level. Most sellers might try to fool you with a heated or treated white sapphire but do ensure to check it before you buy it.


Beware of cheaters who sell synthetic white pukhraj. You should keep in mind that while buying this stone online, lab certificate of its authenticity must be there and it should not be artificial. The dealer should be ready to get the gemstone certified at any lab of your choice. The dealer should also have a clear refund policy and a large presence. Larger organizations try and stay away from unethical practices.

How to Wear

Gold should be the first choice when thinking of wearing a white sapphire. Second best metal for safed pukhraj is silver or platinum. You can wear the gemstone in a ring or a bracelet or a pendent etc. it is worn in the ring finger of the left hand for left handed people and right hand for the right handed people. During the shukla paksh or waxing moon on a Friday morning it should be worn after purifying it in milk, honey and pure water.

White Coral Stone – Benefits, Price, How to Wear

Coral gemstones are formed by the deposition of calcium carbonate exoskeleton growth by marine polyps over the decades. Only certain varieties of red and white coral are precious and not all. Red and white corals can be found in coral reefs near the coast of Australia and USA. It is a substitute for Diamond or White Sapphire. From the ancient times, this stone has been associated with sacred powers. In earlier times this stone was used to ward off pirates and sea monsters. Early Norwegians used White Coral stone for decorating their weapons. Even now it is used as a protection against evil powers in Europe and Scandinavia. Also known as “Safed Moonga”, this stone provides stability and peace of mind to the person wearing it. It also strengthens a person physically and emotionally.


A good white coral stone should have a consistent shining color and should be totally opaque.

Benefits and Effects

Use of white coral as jewelry- rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets etc is beneficial to the wearer. It strengthens the body’s immunity and cures backache. It promotes balance in the wearer’s voice and also helps in bonding and interpersonal relationships. This stone wards off negative energies and gives protection to the wearer. It helps in improving marital life and enhances love between partners.


This stone is produced near the coasts of Australia, Mediterranean and America. These stones are mainly and most commonly found at the bottom of the major oceans.

How to care

This stone is not as hard as compared to other stones, so extra care should be taken while handling it. It should not be exposed to harmful chemicals and detergents and must be cleaned with a soft cloth. The ring can be detoxified for carrying negative energies, by dipping it in water overnight.


The price of this stone depends upon it’s weight, quality, shape and size.

Who should Wear

It can be worn by people who are ruled by Venus and Mars. The stone is beneficial for people born under Taurus and Libra Zodiac signs. It is worn by people who look for protection, spiritual awakening and prosperity.

How to wear

It should be worn in silver, gold or platinum. It can be worn in various forms like bracelet, pendant, ring or as a necklace. The stone should touch the skin of the wearer for astrological benefits.

Tiger Eye Stone – Benefits, Price, How to Wear

Tiger’s Eye, also known as Brown Tiger Eye or Golden Tiger Eye is a stone with a very dynamic energy. It is a very protective stone. A classic example of pseudomorphous replacement by silica, the stone is very stabilizing and grounding. It’s fierce and dynamic energy gives it the name Tiger’s Eye! This stone brings in good luck, prosperity, self-confidence and practicality. People who travel a lot can wear this stone for their protection. This stone is believed to have mystical properties. The energy and the property of the stone depends upon the degree of color- deep red and golden yellow. It also comes in blue and red- Blue Tiger Eye (Hawk’s Eye) and Red Tiger Eye (Dragon’s Eye).

Special Meaning: A person wearing a Tiger Eye stone has the will power to fight with the negative energies. The person wearing this stone has great determination and focus. This stone brings in peace and harmony. Calm inner being and total concentration is achieved by doing meditations with the Tiger Eye Stone.

Uses of Tiger’s Eye Stone

Physical Healing: The gemstone is excellent in healing physical conditions like high blood pressure and asthma. It is also believed that this stone cures rheumatic disease and psoriasis.

Inner Strength: This stone is available in mainly three colors- gold, blue and red. The properties of this stone depends upon the degree of color. The aura that comes with the stone is meant to stay with the wearer and is felt by those around them. Red is for heart circulation, gold for brightness and blue for high spiritual nature.

Jewelry: This stone is so mesmerizing and beautiful that it can easily catch someone’s eye. It is commonly used as beading for necklaces and bracelets. It can also be found in the form of a pendant or as a costume jewelry. Anybody can wear this stone, so you can have this stone as your piece of jewellery whenever you want.

Feng Shui Element: Tiger’s Eye has mystic powers and can be used as a feng shui in homes. It can be used as a simple wind chime or artistic carving. It is often placed by a window or kept by the front door. It can be used in the bedroom of the kids to keep their minds at rest.

Meditation Gem: Meditation done with this stone can help in lowering your stress, and it will affect your personality in a positive way. Find a place at your home where there is full of light and allow the light to flow through the tiger eye and onto you.

How To Wear Tiger’s Eye Gemstone

In order to wear this stone, you will have to ensure what is your need. Tiger’s Eye in a piece of jewelry is best who feel too much negativity around them.

Quality of Tiger’s Eye

Since the stone is inexpensive you would not want one with a blemish! Choose colors and pieces which suit your needs.

Price of Tiger’s Eye

Price of the tiger eye stone depends upon it’s color, quantity, shape and size.

Tanzanite Stone – Benefits, Price, How to Wear

A member of the zoisite mineral group, tanzanite is a blue to violet gemstone. Ali Juuyawatu a Masai tribesman discovered it in the hills of Northern Tanzania, which remains the sole source of Tanzanite to this day. The gemstone’s sudden popularity is all thanks to Tiffany and Co. which also gave the stone its name, tanzanite. The gemstone is pleochroic, in simple terms it means that tanzanite shows different colors depending on the angle from which it is viewed. Gem cutters have to properly orient tanzanite gemstones if they want to get the preferred blue hue. It is extremely desirable because of its vivid bue shade making it a rival of the beautiful sapphire. Tanzanite’s blue shade is so sought after that it is routinely heated to enhance it and minimize the less desirable brownish tones.

Benefits and Effects

In order to relate to realms or do meditation, Tanzanite is considered to be a valuable spiritual stone. The stone is believed to inspire compassion and encourage calmness in the bearer along with helping in facilitating communication and solve various problems. Tanzanite is associated with the Vishuddha, (chakra of throat), Ajna (chakra of the brow) and Sahasara (chakra of the crown) in the Hindu belief system. Tanzanite is a stone for higher consciousness, implementation of desires, expressing oneself, being creative, wisdom and communication. The blue shade of tanzanite ties it to loyalty, faith, sincerity and respect. The gemstone is also linked to the pineal gland, the pituitary gland, the thyroid gland and the mouth. Tanzanite is the birthstone for the people who are born in December. Blue tanzanite carries water energy while violet tanzanite carries fire energy according to feng shui.

Price and Quality

The gemstones colors ranges from ultramarine to sapphire blue. The gemstone has high color saturation among gemstones of over 5 carats. An eye clean stone should be sought when trying to buy tanzanite. The gemstone has attractive vitreous luster. The value of tanzanite decreases because of the eye-visible inclusions, except for the very rare cat’s eye tanzanite, which has inclusions causing chatoyancy. The gemstone comes in both traditional and fancy shapes with a variety of cutting styles. Lapidarists generally take cost into consideration while cutting tanzanite which means that it is often cut into ovals and cushions. Extremely rare cat’s eye tanzanite is cut in cabochon in order to display the desired chatyoyancy.

Where and How to buy?

The gemstone, tanzanite is only found in one place on earth that is in Tanzania, East Africa. The only known deposit of tanzanite to mankind is located on a five square mile hilltop at Merelani Hills near Ausha which is ten miles south of the Kilimanjaro International Airport in Tanzania.

How to Wear? (Procedure)

Tanzanite can be worn as a jewellery everyday and you will find various jewellery shops offering you the same. Since the gemstone is found in only one place, the jewellery might be expensive. This fact means that you can treat yourself or someone else to jewellery for both day and night without blowing your own budget.

Star Ruby Stone – Benefits, Price, How to Wear

A rare ruby which exhibits asterism which is a six-rayed star shimmering over the surface of the stone when it moves is the star ruby. The effect is caused due to the aligned needle-like rutile inclusions which are also the reason behind the ruby’s silky shine. The Latin word ‘ruber’ is where the name ruby came from which means red. The ruby in fact is too dull and greasy when found in its rough form but after it is cut and polished, it is as lustrous as a diamond. The tough form of gem quality corundum is ruby, while all the other types of corundum are classified as sapphires. Second hardest mineral on the Mohs Scale is corundum. The ruby is classified among the diamond, emerald and sapphire because of its rich color and silky shine. It is one of the four precious stones in the world.

Price and Quality

Rubies can be found in varying colors like pinkish red, orange, purple and brownish-red, depending on its chromium and iron content but the most desirable of them all is the pigeon red ruby

Benefits and Effects

Since ancient times Ruby is believed to provide protection from misfortune and severe bad health. A birthstone for those born in July, it is also associated with the zodiac sign Capricorn at times. A couple celebrating their 15th or 40th wedding anniversary can use ruby. Ruby is believed to be a general health protector and, in particular, to be good for backache and toenail problems.


Most important deposits of star ruby has been in Myanmar (Burma). Out of the gem produced, it is only 1% which is of gem quality. Pigeon’s blood color ruby is the most expensive of them all. Apart from upper Myanmar ruby can be found in Thailand and the color is brown or a tint of violet, in Sri Lanka the ruby deposit is located in the Ratnapura district and the color is light red to raspberry red. Other important deposits are in Tanzania where apart from violet to red-brown ruby we can also find opaque ruby, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Kenya, India, Vietnam, United States etc.

Procedure (How to wear?)

Wear a 3 to 6 carat ruby in a gold or copper ring on any Sunday morning between 6am to 7am on your ring finger. To activate and purify the gemstone dip it in milk, honey and pure water for almost 20mins before wearing it. The gem shows its effects within 30 days and till 4 years continue to show the same.

Red Coral (Moonga) Stone – Benefits, Price, How to Wear

The other name for Red coral is Moonga, in Hindi. It is a very famous red colored gemstone which is a very precious gemstone with various astrological benefits. Red Coral or Moonga gemstone is considered as the birthstone of Aries sun sign. Red coral is called as the strengthening stone for Mars by the Indian Astrologers and is the rashi ratna for Scorpio and Aries. Moonga stone is considered to grant the powers of Mars on the one who wears it. It brings strength, confidence, health and stamina to the wearer in abundance. People belonging to Pisces, Leo, Cancer and Sagittarius sun signs are laso advised to wear Red Coral or Moonga Gemstone.

Benefits and Effects

Moonga or Red Coral is considered to help its wearer in recovery of many diseases to say few; fever, impotency, piles, indigestion, etc. It also helps in curing several problems related to menstrual cycle, hemoglobin, blood pressure etc. It is believed that Red Coral helps in keeping the Heart strong and function properly. Red Coral or Moonga is said to increase the strength and stamina of the wearer and also incorporates the ability to work hard within the wearer.

According to the astrologers, Red Coral or the Moonga gemstone strengthens the Mars and hence is very suitable and fruitful for those people who are very lazy whereas there occupation requires lot of physical activities. People who work in Real Estate sector and Land owners are said to be benefitted by wearing Moonga gemstone.

Quality and Price

The Red Coral or Moonga is preferred to be free of spots and should be of orange or in the deeper hue of red in its color. Moonga must always weigh at least 1/10th of the body weight of the wearer in carats. Also, the gemstone must be untreated and free of chemical and synthetic applications over it. Astrologers consider Indian Red Coral or Moonga as the best among all the types and varieties of Red Corals. The price of natural Red Coral or Moonga in India is around Rupees 700 per carat ranging up to Rupees 6,500. Cost of the Red Coral or Moonga also depends upon the factor; where it is bought from.

Availability and Substitutes

One must be careful while purchasing a Red Coral or Moonga, most of the gemstone dealers or sellers treats the stone by heating it or chemically changing its look and properties. Be sure before you purchase a Moonga, ask for the certification and also ask for the lab certification from the lab of your own choice and knowledge to cheek the authenticity of the Moonga and to check how loyal the dealer or the seller is. It is available online as well but certification is always a major concern.

Astrologers recommend Blood stone as the substitute for Red Coral or Moonga. But, the Substitutes are not as effective and beneficial as the primary gem stones.

Procedure (How to Wear)

The procedure to wear a Red Coral or Moonga is quite is easy and nothing special is involved. One must wear a Red Coral gem stone in the ring finger of the correct hand. The right handed people must wear it in the ring finger of their right hand and the left handed people must wear it in the ring finger of their left hand. Red Coral must be worn on a Tuesday morning and must prefer wearing it before 11 am.

Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) Stone – Benefits, Price, How to Wear

Yellow Sapphire also known as Pukhraj Gemstone (in Hindi) is considered as the birthstone for the Sagittarius sun sign (22 Nov-21 Dec). According to the Indian Astrology, Pukhraj gemstone is considered as the Rashi Ratna for Sagittarius and Pisces.

Sapphire is derived from the Greek word, sapphirus or sappheiros, meaning ‘blue stone’, whereas sapphires are usually found in bright hues of yellow. It is considered as a very precious gemstone with its prices varying to great extent has a lot of benefits for its wearer.

Effects and Benefits

Along with bringing status, wealth, prosperity and respect and creates auspicious timing for higher educational qualifications and specialization. Being the symbol of Jupiter, it is considered to be highly beneficial for people who are in the Education sector like, lecturers, scholars, teachers etc. It also cures many chronic diseases and helps in curing obesity and liver ailments. The major benefit of Pukhraj is to childless couples as it helps the women in conceiving children.

Price and Quality

Prices of Yellow Sapphire per carat depend upon its weight, quality and treatment. In India prices of Natural Yellow Sapphire varies from Rupees 1300 to Rupees 2,00,000 per carat and above. The cost of Yellow Sapphire also dpends on where it is bought. For example: the price of Ceylon Yellow Sapphire, per carat, in India is between rupees 16000 to rupees 26000, depending upon its quality. Most of the gemstone dealers sell heated and treated Yellow Sapphires and thus the value of the stone falls.

Basically the quality of the Yellow Sapphire depends upon its color, cut and clarity. But for the Astrological purposes its quality mainly depends upon its clarity than its color and cut, as the cut does not hold any ornamental or astrological significance.

Substitute and Availability

As for the substitution of the Yellow Sapphire, Yellow Topaz and Critine are mostly preferred, although substitutes have less effect in consideration of the primary stone they are still advised by the astrologers.

One must be very careful while purchasing the Yellow Sapphire as sealers usually sell synthetic or artificial stone. Before purchasing a Yellow Pukhraj or Yellow Sapphire, be sure to get a Certificate stating its authenticity from a reputed Lab. Ask the dealer to get the gemstone certified from the Lab of your choice.

Prefer buying the Pukhraj gemstone from a big organization as they would not sell artificial stones as it would harm their market image and also be sure of refund policy. Yellow Pukhraj is also available online but be sure of its quality, certification and price.

Procedure (How to Wear)

The most preferred metal for Yellow Sapphire is Gold, whereas the next preference of astrologers is Silver or Panchdhaatu.

Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj Gemstone is usually worn in the index finger, the left handed people wear the Pukhraj in the Index finger f their left hand whereas the right handed people wear the Yellow Sapphire in the Index finger of the right hand. It is suggested by the astrologers to wear the Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj gemstone on Thursday morning before 12 pm as it is called the Shukle Paksh or Waxing moon, the most suitable and fruitful time to wear Pukhraj.

Pearl (Moti) Stone – Benefits, Price, How to Wear

An organic gemstone which is known for its lustrous appearance and astrological benefits is pearl. This gemstone is the birthstone for those having Cancer as their zodiac sign. The stone brings peace, confidence, courage and calmness to the wearer, the characteristics of moon. Ascendants of leo, pisces and Sagittarius can wear this stone as it does not have any negative effect on them. 1/10th the carat of your body weight is the weight of a cultured pearl. 1/60th carat of the body weight should be the wild natural pearls which are also very rare. The gemstone should be smooth, round with no chemical or heat treatment. Rare natural pearl are best for astrological purposes while the second best are the cultured south sea pearls.

Benefits and Effects

The gemstone, pearl does not have any bad effect on the bearer which makes it so much desirable. Moon is symbolic for mother in astrology hence this stone leads to more affection and nurturing. Anybody in this world can wear this stone and feel or experience its positive effects. The position of the moon is strengthened in the horoscope of the wearer by pearl making him calm and bringing tranquility. The stone make the wearer emotionally available, kind and psychologically very healthy. The wearer has desires to travel and explore a lot. The pearl benefits those who are mentally challenged, depressed or emotionally unavailable. Apart from this it is advisable for people having negative thought and who have lost all hope in life should wear this gemstone. Children who fall sick frequently or have health issues especially under the age of 12 should wear this stone. This gemstone can prove to be beneficial for people working as counselors, public speakers, therapists, psychologists etc as it helpd them express more freely with confidence. People dealing in dairy products, travel and tourism industries should also consider wearing this stone as it would bring them prosperity. The gemstone pearl is believed to help keep the heart strong and healthy along with maintaining the water balance in our body.

Price and Quality

Weight and quality which include shape, spot and color determine the price of the stone, pearl. Natural wild pearls are beneficial in terms of astrology but they are very expensive as they are extremely rare stones. The price of a natural pearl is anywhere between Rs. 40,000 per carat and Rs. 53,500 per carat. Between Rs15000 per carat and Rs23000 per carat come the second best pearls. The pearl that is 100% natural cultural pearl, is considered the best after the natural wild pearls. The south sea pearl costs between Rs.2000 per carat, it is advisable to avoid buying low quality pearls. Your first choice should be the black Tahitian pearl which comes between 1100 per carat to 2700 per carat if you are interested in buying black pearls. The natural pearl which is priced more than 60000 per carat should not be bought for astrological purpose as it is rare and often bought by collectors or enthusiasts. While buying the stone there are chances that the seller might fool you by selling you low quality or synthetic pearls so make sure you are getting worth what you are paying. Test the pearl from a lab and get certificates of authenticity, origin etc.


Many sellers try to sell synthetic pearls in the name of cultured south sea pearls. In order to avoid this you can order the pearl online where you can ensure getting a lab certificate and also the dealer would be ready to get the pearl checked from a certified lab for its authenticity.

Procedure (How to wear?)

Pearl is worn in the little finger of the correct hand (Left Hand for left-handed people and the Right Hand for right-handed people). It should be worn on Monday evening during the Shukla Paksh (Waxing Moon).