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Since time immemorial gemstones have been a part of either the belief systems of people around the world or so called superstitions. But science too understands and has researched about these stones and has found eternal energies which really help humanity in seeking purity, peace, emotional and mental harmony. Women of all age groups adorn these stones as jewellery.

Different Gemstones and Their Benefits:

Talking about their benefit, each stone has its own importance in itself. Depending on the type and the planet it belongs to, the benefits range from person to person.

Sometimes it has proved to be really miraculous but some other times it is believed to be disastrous in people’s life.

Starting from the stone RUBY, also known as Manik in Hindi is also glazed with the name ‘Gemstone of Sun’. It is said that the wearer of this gemstone makes a person appear charismatic, full of positive energy. Negative energy is nowhere to be seen around him.

Talking about DIAMOND, known to be a remedial solution to all problems in life, it enhances memory and thinking abilities rendering a person to negotiate anxiety and depression. It gives a person to see positive in every situation regardless of what life throws at him. It is a platonic stone known to find a ray of light in every distressful situations of life.

Next comes the stone Black Onyx, it is a miraculous stone which indicates divinity, balance, grounding, focus, self-confidence, happiness, jovialness, positivity. It helps in letting go of all the ill-treatment or absurdity and black magic done by others and helps focusing on rejuvenation and good things in life.

Next we will talk about Jade, a green colored stone; it is a symbol of love, purity and happiness. Also known as a ‘Dream Stone ‘it allures good fortune, good luck and lasting friendship. It helps in treating kidney problems, adrenal gland ailments. Also it is hospitable towards removing toxins from the body, beneficial for fertility, balances body fluids, and rebinds skeletal and cellular system.

Rose Quartz is a marvelous translucent pink crystal. It is also known as Love Stone. A stone of unconditional love, it opens up heart chakra. And emotionally makes one strong to forgive and letting go of anger and resentment.

Tourmaline is a stone which comes in variety of colours. This multicoloured stone has27 minerals. Out these 27 minerals, 2 are of great importance. They are Schorl Tourmaline (black and blue stone) and Ebaite Tourmaline. These stones provide prosperity and happiness. Likewise, it also induces feeling of love and abundance. Benefits can also be seen in rendering an individual protected against all the electromagnetic radiations that are produced by the heavy usage of mobile phones and other communication gadgets. It enhances the creativity of the mind helping the individual to concentrate in important tasks.

Blue Night Gems, as the name suggests helps in a good night’s sleep. It opens up the third eye chakra helping an individual in making correct decisions in life and imparting wisdom in the situations.

Green Agate,is a stone of escalated emotional awareness. It is a beautiful green stone which is adorned by women in the form of a ring or earrings or a neckpiece, which is why it is known to be a feminine gem. By wearing it, a person feels quite confident to initiate a communication.

Yet another stone which has a beautiful color i.e. burgundy red, Garnet, is also fondly called as ‘Stone of Health’. This stone helps in dissolving emotional blockages in the body, thereby, making the pure and positive energy flow to be consistent and smoothly flowing throughout the body. When there are no energy blockages, one is free from the stress related diseases and hence boosts the physical activities too.

Emerald, powered by the planet Mercury, this stone is so powerful that it makes a person full of purity, positive powers and spiritual psyche. It guides an individual in all walks of life and renders him the wisdom to act and react with positivity in daily life situations.

Amber,is not exactly a stone, but a resin. It is known for its healing properties, thereby relieving physical pain, and let the mind to focus on important matters of life.

Amethysts,are stones which have light or dark purple color. They are known for helping one to be spiritual and be one with the inner self. It helps in healing physical injuries, swelling and pain. People with chronic illnesses should keep this stone cluster in hands at least once in a day.

There are many benefits of these gemstones. But one should also be aware of the deceiving factors that they come with. That is why a recommendation from the stargazer is required before adorning them on your body or before bringing them at your home.

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